Access immediate help

You’re one click away from finding out what’s wrong with your pet

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Join VetApp and receive help from the best vets aided by artificial intelligence.

A new tool for pet owners. With VetApp you’ll take care of your pet in a brand new way.

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Tell us the symptoms and our advanced technology will provide the solutions.

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Treatment Recommendation

Based on pre-diagnosis, we will advise on how to best treat your pet.

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Treatment Monitoring

We will guide you through the treatment process and monitor progress on a regular basis.

One app with many solutions!

Are you worried about your pet’s health? You’re a few clicks away from finding out what’s wrong and how you can help. 24/7 help, without leaving your home.

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What does VetApp provide for you and your pet?

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24/7 Help

Access help 24/7, seven days a week, without leaving your home.

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Pre-diagnosis without limits

Get an analysis of your pet’s health based on the latest medical knowledge and AI technology. Whenever you need, without limits or restrictions.

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Video-consultations and Appointments

Talk to a doctor online or make an appointment. 

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Your Pet Profile

Each one of your pets has its own profile and file history. You only need to enter data once. 

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Pet Activity Log

All necessary information about your pet’s health at hand.

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Treatment Monitoring

Track your pet’s treatment progress.

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